I-List  Professional ver1.0

I-List  Professional ver1.0

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Includes free initial basic installation upon  request. Additional installations or modifications are fee based

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I-List PRO is an enhanced version of the I-Shop PRO On-Line Store developed exclusively for the Real Estate Market!

I-List PRO gives Realtors the ability to “List” properties on the internet in seconds, without needing to know confusing HTML or CGI scripting Languages!

I-List utilizes the same Powerful modules found in I-Shop PRO, to dynamically create your listings from a simple to create “flat” file database!

All you- the realtor, needs to do, is simply enter the property information into a simple to understand form in the administrative interface.  Upload any images you wish to accompany your listing( also done from the administrative interface) and your done!

Setup is simple, and in many cases , can be completed in less than 30 minutes! Then simply change Your “Catalogs” front page to match your sites LOOK and your done!

 No MORE, will you have to change complicated HTML everytime you UPDATE your listings! ADD, EDIT and DELETE your listings , all from the administrative interface!You can also upload your images, View requests to tour properties, and manage your own Referrers Program , ALL within the Administrative Interface!

Mass Mail your Customers

I-List PRO collects email addresses from ALL customers that have requested more information about your listings, and stores this information into a mass mailing program included in the script! Simply create an email with all the NEW, HOT  or other deals you wish to send to customers. With the click of a button you will mail your information to every customer in your database!

Create your own Realty Association!

With I-List PRO’s referrers script, you can now allow other Realtors, the ability to “LINK” to your listings, and drive potential customers to your site! Other Realtors simply JOIN your association and either place a banner on their site to drive traffic to your site OR they can link directly to certain listings within your catalog! Either way they drive customers to YOU in exchange for a Commission( That you determine) for every SALE “YOU” close

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